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Google News Byte: State of the Art: Chromecast, Simply and Cheaply, Flings Web Video to TVs

Wochit 1:22 mins

Google?s new Chromecast gizmo is the smallest, cheapest, simplest way yet to add Internet to your TV. It looks like a portly flash drive and it costs $35. Chromecast lets you watch videos from YouTube, Netflix and Google Play on your big screen while using your phone or tablet (Apple or Android) as a remote control. With so much anticipation built up with the launch of Moto X ? some of it from Google and Motorola executives themselves ? there are bound to be those who are disappointed. Motorola has a lot of ground to make up in brand and reputation, and this phone alone won?t single-handedly change its perception in the market. Google has just announced via a blog post that it will be offering free, faster Wi-Fi hotspots at all U.S. company-operated Starbucks locations, which will get up and running sometime within the next 18 months. Google says that its speeds should beat the existing hotspots at the coffee shops by at least 10x, and in Google Fiber cities like Kansas, that should jump to a 100-fold boost.

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