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Governor Repays People Mag For Correspondent`s Dinner Trip

Tribune 0:54 mins

Governor Dannel Malloy will pay back People Magazine for covering the cost of his trip to the White House correspondent`s dinner last weekend. His spokesperson says Malloy has written a personal check for more than 12 hundred dollars to cover the cost of travel, accomodations and food. It comes after Senate Minority Leader John McKinney accused Malloy of violating ethics laws by accepting the money. But the governor`s office put out a statement today, saying in part: "We are confident that People Magazine`s payment would have been proper under Connecticut`s ethics laws. The governor attended the event in his official capacity and used the opportunity to advance Connecticut`s interests." McKinney still isn`t satisifed by the reimbursement though, he says the governor should still be scrutinized.

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