Icahn says bigger buybacks can drive Apple shares to $700

Activist investor Carl Icahn said via Twitter he has amassed a "large position" in Apple and believes the stock could be worth as much as $700 a share if Chief Executive Tim Cook pushed for a larger stock buyback. The surprise revelation from the billionaire activist caused a stir on Wall Street and pushed Apple's stock almost 5 percent higher to close at a 7-month high of $489.57 Famous investor named Carl Icahn announced in a Tweet that he bought a bunch of Apple stock and had just talked to Apple's CEO on the phone. Carl Icahn's private conversation with Tim Cook had gone well, according to Icahn, and he said he planned to talk to Cook again soon, and in the next couple of hours, Apple's stock exploded 5% higher, increasing the company's market value by $17 billion.
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