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The Internet is setting up Pay TV for a long, slow death

Wochit 0:59 mins

Yes, cable companies are still making money hand-over-fist on their pay television services but they're doing it by squeezing more revenues out of a shrinking customer base. A new article from USA Today suggests that cable companies may not be able to keep this game up forever, however, and cites a "perfect storm of online video, new devices, rising prices and programming blackouts" that is "eroding traditional pay-TV providers' grip on the living room." Lexity, which was bought by Yahoo 10 days ago, has already made its real-time e-commerce dashboard available for Yahoo merchants. As part of its continuing "Scroogled campaign," Microsoft takes a dig at Google for the inbox redesign that results in Gmail users seeing unsolicited advertisement messages in the "Promotions" tab.

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