IPhone News Byte: Apple Wins Top Spots for 'Brand of Year' in Harris Poll

Wochit 1:10 mins

Apple took home top grades for "Brand of Year" for the second year in a row, according to the results of a Harris poll. Apple was tops among computer makers, followed by HP, Dell, and Sony. The iPad was No. 1 among tablets and the iPhone put Apple ahead of other mobile phone makers. New iPhone owners are reportedly experiencing issues getting their devices up and running, due to problems with Apple's activation servers. Despite the months of speculation that the future of Apple hinges on a rumored "cheap iPhone," it turns out this magic device already exists: when given the option to buy the brand newest, fastest, sleekest version of the iPhone, a lot of people choose a cheaper, totally decent version instead. During this week's earnings report, Apple posted better-than-expected phone sales not because of the fancy newish iPhone 5, but because of the iPhone 4 ? the cheapest and worst performing of the three Apple phones for sale these days.

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