Japan Official Wants Fukushima Operator Tepco To Be Liquidated

Wochit 1:04 mins

The operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima nuclear station, Tokyo Electric Power Company, should be liquidated, as its failure to learn from its mistakes fuels insecurity. So says the governor of a prefecture that hosts another Tepco plant. Tepco's General Manager concedes that large amounts of radioactive water continue to leak from the Fukushima plant. Russia's state pipeline monopoly Transneft, has ordered a cut in oil supplies to Belarus by 400,000 tonnes, or nearly one-quarter of previously planned deliveries for September, the firm and trading sources said. Transneft cited environmental concerns as it said it needed to replace 700 km (440 miles) of old pipelines. "We have to speed up work as it is ecologically dangerous," vice-president Mikhail Barkov said.

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