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Justin Bieber Hangs Out with Jay Z and Kevin Hart

Wochit 0:54 mins

Forget about his love life, let's focus on Justin Bieber's new circle of friends for a moment. On Saturday, the Biebs took to Twitter and Instagram to share a snapshot from his "night with the fellas." You know. Jay Z and Kevin Hart. Not bad Biebs, not bad. In 2010, had you suggested to the smartest Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors that LinkedIn would have a larger market value in 2013 than Groupon, Zynga or Twitter, you would have been laughed at. Had you hypothesized that LinkedIn would be worth more than Groupon, Zynga and Twitter combined and worth nearly one-third the value of Facebook, no one would have believed you. LinkedIn just wasn't as exciting as the internet darlings of the day, and, as a result, there were many LinkedIn doubters at that time, myself included.

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