Latest Business News: BlackBerry CEO Urges Shareholders to Keep the Faith

Wochit 1:19 mins

BlackBerry is on the mend and the company?s lousy first-quarter earnings should not be viewed as evidence that its long-term prospects are withering. That was the theme of CEO Thorsten Heins?s remarks at BlackBerry?s annual meeting today, as he sought to reassure long-suffering shareholders shaken by the company?s latest financials. Microsoft will unveil its biggest management reorganization in at least five years, to better compete in a world of mobile devices and Web-based services. The changes will shift the duties and responsibilities of many top Microsoft executives and are intended to eliminate overlap within the 98,000-employee company. Nintendo's Wii U is in developer crosshairs after a less-than-stellar start. Speaking to, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore confirmed that his company -- one of the largest in the gaming industry -- has no games currently in development for the Wii U. Over the last several months, Nintendo has been unable to sell 100,000 units in a single month in the U.S. Meanwhile, its elder competitors, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, have been beating it in overall unit sales.

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