Latest Business News: Dell Buyout Consortium Sees Deal Collapsing: Source

Dell CEO Michael Dell, and his private equity partner Silver Lake, expect their deal to buy the number three PC maker to collapse unless the company's special committee changes how votes on the transaction are counted, a person familiar with the matter said. Dell's special committee refused to change the voting standard in return for an improved $13.75 per share offer by the consortium, but said it would be willing to move the vote's record date forward. Facebook shares finally broke the psychological glass ceiling of $38 a share, Facebook's IPO price back in May 2012. It has been a tumultuous year for the stock, but investors now seem to be satisfied with Facebook's revenue on mobile and solid growth. Jurors began deliberating over whether to hold former Goldman Sachs Group Inc trader Fabrice Tourre liable for defrauding investors in a complex deal tied to subprime mortgages. A federal judge in New York dispatched the five women and four men on the jury to consider the fate of Tourre, 34, who for more than three years has fought against U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission claims he misled investors in a deal called Abacus 2007-AC1.
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