Latest Business News: Economic View: Budging (Just a Little) on Investing in Gold

As a long-term investment, gold has offered small overall returns with high volatility. But there is still an argument for keeping a sliver of it in a portfolio. Japan's Renesas Electronics Corporation plans to close a system LSI chip plant in northern Japan that makes chips for Nintendo's Wii game consoles and other consumer electronics, after failing to find a buyer for the facility. The state-of-the-art Tsuruoka plant's 1,000 employees will be offered reassignments or voluntary redundancy as Renesas restructures to focus on making micro controllers for automotive electronics. A sign above the counter of a popular bar in Berlin's hip Kreuzberg district warns customers of owner Joerg Platzer's some what peculiar payment preferences: "I believe in honest money -- gold, silver and Bitcoin. Platzer's Room77 is among a cluster of more than two dozen local businesses to accept the virtual currency for everyday payments.
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