Latest Business News: Fund Firms' Boycott Threat Could Hurt Lloyds Stock Sale

Just as Britain's government is trying to clear a path for the politically sensitive sale of its 39 percent stake in Lloyds bank, resentment is brewing among the investors who would be expected to buy the stock. Some fund managers say they are wary of buying stock released in staggered sales until banks and regulators clarify the rules on how quickly company owners are allowed to sell more shares The threat of less central bank stimulus and higher interest rates has crushed emerging markets more than most assets in the past two months, in some cases slashing the value of stocks and bonds in developing countries to levels not seen since the last financial crisis. Research In Motion executives won't say the company's new line of BlackBerrys is a flop,but the company?s shares tumbled 28 percent after RIM reported it shipped far fewer new BlackBerry phones than analysts had expected in its fiscal first-quarter.
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