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Latest Business News: U.S. Investor Wilbur Ross Likely to Buy Spanish Financial Assets

Wochit 1:03 mins

Wilbur Ross,the-U.S. billionaire-who-has-made 65 percent-profit on his 2011 investment-in-a-struggling Bank of Ireland , said he is likely to bid for banks or financial assets in Spain over the next few months. CEO Thorsten Heins said BlackBerry is on the right path for a turnaround despite the disappointing debut of its make-or-break line of smartphones. The company remains open to any options that would create value for its investors. Heins said, "BlackBerry will pursue every opportunity to create value for shareholders." As expected, Sprint has completed its acquisition of Clearwire for $5 per share. The company announced the news, saying that it now owns 100 percent of Clearwire. Sprint previously owned about 50 percent of the wireless company.

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