Latest Business News: Why the Feds Are Going After Insider Trading, Not Wall Street CEOs

Wochit 1:01 mins

Fox Business senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino said insider trading cases have been used politically to show we're cracking down on Wall Street, but they have nothing to do with the mortgage crisis, that started the call for a crackdown. Stocks fluctuated between small gains and losses before the Federal Reserve released minutes from its most recent meeting. Nearly 20 North American retailers including Wal-Mart Stores and Gap Incorporated unveiled a 5-year safety plan for Bangladesh garment factories that would include inspecting every factory within a year. The announcement in Washington by the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety on Wednesday comes after 1,129 workers were killed in the collapse of a Bangladesh garment plant in April and another 112 people perished in November fire at a Bangladesh factory.

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