Microsoft News Byte: Windows 8.1 Preview: How and Where to Install it

Wochit 1:16 mins

You can either update an existing installation of Windows 8 or install Windows 8.1 from scratch via ISO files from Microsoft. One word of warning before you proceed, however. The Windows 8.1 preview is essentially a beta of the new OS and is by no means a finished or polished version. New Relic and Microsoft will offer performance anaytics to gain insight into the performance of native apps and websites running on Windows Azure. The company already provides app performance for the Windows Azure services and solutions. These include?Windows Azure Virtual Machines,?Windows Azure Cloud Services, Web and Worker Role Instances. They also offer integration with?Windows Azure SQL Database, which is available as a plugin to send data to the New Relic Platform. Microsoft has released its Windows 8.1 preview to the public as the PC industry may be poised to slow its current slide regardless of whether or not Microsoft?s big software update manages to drum up some excitement, with PC chip suppliers expecting an increase in shipments.

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