Middle East Breaking News: Al Qaeda Leaders' Communication Led to U.S. Embassies Closure

Wochit 1:04 mins

The New York Times reported that intercepted communications in which al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri ordered the leader of the affiliate in Yemen to carry out an attack prompted the United States to close diplomatic missions in the Middle East and Africa. U.S. said 20 embassies and consulates in Middle East and Africa will be closed.A terror expert says that The Obama administration's decision may have disrupted an al-Qaeda terrorist plot but that doesn't mean the terrorists will abandon their plans for good. Human Rights Watch says the Syrian military is firing ballistic missiles into populated areas where it is battling rebels, killing hundreds of civilians. The U.S.-based group said in a report that it has investigated nine apparent missile attacks that killed at least 215 people, half of them children, between February and July.

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