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Politics Breaking News: Disputed Poll Poses Fresh Divisions in Zimbabwe

Allegations of vote-rigging flowed in Zimbabwe, with reports of fake registration cards, voters turned away from the polls and people appearing on voters' lists four times with different IDs. Even before results were announced, the main opposition camp said longtime President Robert Mugabe stole the election, which his supporters denied. 41 leaders of groups supporting an overhaul of the immigration system held a noisy but peaceful sit-in on Capitol Hill and were arrested as Congressman left town for the August recess. Italy's former premier, Silvio Berlusconi, for the first time in decades of criminal prosecutions related to his media empire was definitively convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to prison by the nation's highest court. The tensely awaited decision was described as a historical moment by opposition politicians and puts fresh pressure on Premier Enrico Letta's fragile coalition government.
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