Politics Breaking News: Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Scorched in Egypt Protests

Wochit 1:15 mins

The headquarters of President Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood were stormed and ransacked by anti-Morsi protesters. Local TV networks caught video of smashed windows and smoke billowing out of the building. Young protesters pelted the headquarters with firebombs and rocks. Activists say at least five protesters were killed in the violence Massive crowds thronged the streets of Cairo and cities around the country Sunday and marched on the presidential palace in a cheering tide of people that filled a broad avenue for blocks in an attempt to force out the Islamist president, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, with some of the most gigantic protests Egypt has seen in 2 ? years of turmoil. With what has to be this summer's anthem, Icona Pop rocked iHearRadio's Miami pool party this weekend with their performance of I Love It. And by rocked we mean they set the party on fire in the best way possible! The ladiez stopped by for the major concert and did it right by getting the whole pool involved in the way too catchy song.

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