Politics Breaking News: States Forgo Billions in Federal Cash by Opting Out of Medicaid Expansion

Nearly half the nation's states are opting out of expanding Medicaid to all of their low-income residents, leaving billions of federal dollars on the table and millions of poor Americans uninsured. At least 21 states are opting out of Medicaid expansion for next year. In another six states, legislators are still weighing their options. The organizers of anti-government protests that brought millions of Egyptians into the streets gave Islamist President Mohammed Morsi until July 2th afternoon to step down or else it will hike up its campaign, as protesters overran and ransacked the headquarters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. Round two of Texas' fierce ideological battle over abortion limits was set to begin Monday, less than a week after a Democratic filibuster and hundreds of raucous protesters threw the end of the first special session into chaos. The Legislature's Republican majority has vowed to pass wide-ranging abortion restrictions quickly and easily this time, even as opponents mobilize for more protests.
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