Politics Breaking News: Zimbabwe Officials: Mugabe Wins With 61 Percent

Wochit 1:15 mins

Zimbabwe election officials say that President Robert Mugabe won the presidential election with 61 percent of the vote, compared to 34 percent for challenger Morgan Tsvangirai, who rejected Mugabe's landslide victory, alleging massive voting fraud and calling for fresh elections. Tsvangirai said he will challenge the results in court. Tsvangirai called for a peaceful response, despite the alleged voting fraud. Egypt's Interior Ministry warned supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi for a second time to abandon their protest encampments as a senior U.S. diplomat was meeting with officials on both sides of the political divide to try to find a peaceful resolution to the standoff. President Barack Obama says there are no gimmicks to grow the economy ? just difficult steps that require Washington's focus. In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama promoted a plan he calls a grand bargain that he says can break through gridlock. Obama says he's willing to work to reform the tax code for businesses but many loopholes and deductions need to be done away with.

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