Samsung Galaxy News Byte: Samsung And Apple Still Dominating The Mobile Market

Wochit 1:10 mins

If you?re noticing a recurring theme at the end of each quarter, you?re not alone. As contenders like Nokia, LG, BlackBerry and HTC battle for scraps in the global mobile handset market, Samsung and Apple continue to dominate by a massive margin. Samsung recently posted record results for the second quarter thanks to the launch of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone and Apple shocked Wall Street when it beat estimates due to iPhone sales that came in much higher than expected. Samsung is giving consumers one more reason to pick up a point-and-shoot instead of always using their smartphone's camera. U.S. users of Samsung's Wi-Fi-enabled WB250F Smart Camera will be able to add Evernote photo syncing to the camera's list of wireless capabilities. In the latest ad for Samsung flagship Galaxy S4, Samsung highlights a number of its custom Android features and takes a shot at the iPhone for having less bells and whistles.

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