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Smartphone News Byte: India Overtakes Japan as Third Largest Smartphone Market

Wochit 1:03 mins

India overtakes Japan as third largest smartphone market. According to research firm Strategy Analytics: During the first quarter of 2013, smartphone, sales in India jumped by 163 percent over the prior year's quarter, Get ready to drool, folks. A version of Samsung's Galaxy S4 has been spotted that reportedly supports LTE-Advanced, which is a mobile broadband standard that could finally deliver on the true promise of 4G networks. Samsung's smartphone strategy has always involved launching a wide range of handsets that span various sizes and price points. The company's efforts are clearly working ? Samsung earned $6.4 billion in profit last quarter alone ? but a number of pundits refer to Samsung's strategy as "spray and pray," suggesting the company simply launches as many devices as it can and hopes that some connect.

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