Software News Byte: Steve Ballmer's "One Microsoft" Meet Steve Sinofsky's "One Strategy"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's new reorg of the tech giant was finally announced this morning. Shifting from his previous largely autonomous business unit approach to this more integrated and interdependent organization, it borrows a lot from how former Microsoft exec Steve Sinofsky organized his Windows team. Ballmer said, ?We are rallying behind a single strategy as one company ? not a collection of divisional strategies.? The problem with deploying Hail Mary turnaround strategies is two-fold: a large amount of luck if not divine intervention is needed, and there aren't a lot of alternatives left in the likely event of failure. Such is BlackBerry's situation. The rumored Motorola Droid Ultra will join Verizon's lineup on August 8, if a leaked commercial storyboard is to be believed. According to an ad treatment obtained by Android Central, the upcoming smartphone will be rugged enough to withstand drops and being kicked across a club dance floor. With Kevlar coating and a Gorilla Glass display, the Droid Ultra picks up where the previous generation leaves off.
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