Sony Says Has Received 1 Million Preorders For PlayStation 4 Console

Wochit 1:14 mins

Sony has surpassed 1 million preorders worldwide for its new PlayStation 4 console, the head of its SCE computer entertainment division said. SCE Chief Executive Andrew House added that the console will be available from November 15 in North America and will hit stores in Europe from November 29. Even optimists are growing nervous over the rapid accumulation of dollar-denominated debt in emerging economies like Turkey, while the Fed weighs its options. The recent financial carnage in Indonesia and other emerging-market countries isn't too distant to ignore for American investors, who have been scarred by financial panics that started in developing economies over three decades. The stock selloffs are tracking steep declines in the value of emerging-market currencies, which in turn represents the flight of nervous capital from these riskier financial venues as investors anticipate the U.S. Federal Reserve?s eventual ? and perhaps imminent ? cutback in its stimulus efforts.

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