Steve Ballmer News Byte: Ballmer on How There Can Be Only One

Microsoft has moved the chairs around in its executive suite, rejiggering the way it organizes itself. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says he never thought the company was two or three, just a gigantically large company with a whole lot of politics. The reorganization Microsoft Corp has announced represents the most sweeping re-structuring of the world's largest software company since 2008. The move is designed to better align Microsoft's operations, with Chief Executive Steve Ballmer's stated goal of becoming a "devices and services" company. Microsoft's stronghold of providing software for PCs is under threat as consumers and corporations increasingly turn to mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and to Web-based software. Microsoft has crafted a new strategy, along with a series of leadership-changes, all toward the goal of making Microsoft a more cohesive company with products-and-services that sync better together.