Syria, Debt Ceiling Worry Has Markets Questioning Fed Taper

Until recently, it looked like a sure bet that the U.S. Federal Reserve would announce the beginning of the end of its massive bond buying program in September. Now, investors are less certain. The prospect of Western military action against Syria has sent stock markets worldwide reeling. And another potential showdown over the federal debt ceiling limit is looming this fall. It's official. J.C. Penney's biggest investor and former board member Bill Ackman is through with the retailer, selling his entire 18 percent stake to Citigroup and taking a more than $400 million bath on the deal. This quarter?s market-share reports on computer server shipments and sales from Gartner and IDC are an unusually eloquent statement about the world?s transition to cloud computing and commodity machines that don?t command a big profit margin. The reports are bad news for well-known companies selling servers that suit a specific purpose.
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