Tablet News Byte: Retina IPad Mini Launch Reportedly Delayed Until 2014

A new report claims that Apple won't release its second-generation iPad mini with a Retina display until next year. According to Taiwan-based news site Economic Daily News, shortages with Retina display panels have forced Apple to delay the next iPad mini's launch. Apple was originally planning to release its second-generation iPad mini in the fourth quarter this year according to the site, but the smaller tablet is now reportedly on track for an early 2014 debut. Economic Daily News also suggests that Apple may release a non-Retina iPad mini alongside the high-resolution tablet at a lower price point. As soon-as-next-week,Microsoft-plans-to cut the price of each of its Surface RT models by $150, bringing the devices to a range of about $350 to $450 without a touch keyboard and $450 to $550 with one According to the blog Boy Genius Report, Amazon plans to update its fleet of Kindle tablets by launching at least three new models this year. The most signifcant change would be an upgrade in resolution but the new tablets would also go through a few small design changes, such as a repositioning of the power and volume buttons. New units are also expected to be lighter than their current counterparts.