Tablet News Byte: Samsung's Tablet Army Helps Android March Past IOS as Top Tablet Platform

Wochit 1:02 mins

All this has happened before and all this will happen again. The latest numbers show that Android has now overtaken iOS as the world's most-used tablet operating system, thanks largely to a flood of smaller devices put on the market by Samsung. A tourist bought a North Korean tablet computing device and found it similar to other tablets, except for a lack of real Internet access. But it has "Angry Birds." Apple's patent battle against Samsung probably hasn't gone as well as the company had hoped. Sure, Apple won big last summer when a jury awarded it a $1 billion patent verdict against its rival, but things have been going downhill ever since. Among other things, Apple has seen its patent verdict cut nearly in half, it has failed to get import bans on key Samsung products and it even faces an import ban of its own on older iPhone and iPad models.

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