Tech Companies News Byte: Amid Apple Developer Site Outage, Users Report Unauthorized Password Resets

Apple's developer site has been down for two days. amid umblings across social networks and developer forums point to concern that Apple may have suffered a security breach, similar to an attack on Dropbox last year, which led to a spam attack on many of its users. Microsoft announced a $900 million write-down to reflect unsold inventory of Surface RT, the tablet the company says consumers really want, but just never seem to buy. It?s now touting the laggard device as best-of-breed in a new advertisement slagging Apple?s iPad ? a device that dominates the tablet market in which Microsoft is now hopelessly floundering. Microsoft's stock is taking a hit after the software giant behind Windows, the Xbox and Surface tablets reported disappointing results for the latest quarter. The results, which fell below Wall Street's expectations, included a large write-off for Microsoft Corp.'s surface RT business. A poor reception for Windows 8 contributed to a revenue drop in the company's operating system software unit. The stock is still up about 18 percent year-to-date.
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