Tech Companies News Byte: Apple Seeks Patent For Waze-Style Crowdsourced Navigation That Could Boost IOS Maps

Wochit 1:12 mins

The US Patent Office has just published a new patent application by Apple that integrates crowdsourced traffic data for real-time information about road conditions, similar to what Waze does. Waze, which was just acquired by Google, seeks user input on changing road conditions, and rewards users for making accurate reports. Apple's patent also offers route choices based on criteria like "Scenic Route, Light Traffic, No Construction," and more that are also rated and reviewed by users. Apple is said to be plotting new incentives and schemes to persuade shoppers to buy the iPhone in-store. The move apparently comes in a bid to fight competition from Android smart phones. While CEO Tim Cook is supposedly happy with sales figures for Mac and iPad devices, he wants more customers to buy iPhones from inside Apple shops, so that they get a gander at the other glossy gadgets Apple is flogging. Bad news if you were planning on snapping up the Nexus 4 in white today, as Google's pale, popular product has completely sold out. According to the Google Play website, the snowy-hued version of LG's popular mobile is 'no longer available for sale'.

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