Tech Companies News Byte: Samsung to Exit Desktop PC Business

Wochit 1:08 mins

According to a report from the Korea Times, electronics giant Samsung plans to close its desktop business in order to focus on tablets and all-in-one laptops. Apple has released a new beta of its iOS 7 software for developers today, and the big news is that the iPad version has arrived. Back when Apple announced iOS 7, it said the tablet version would follow the iPhone version a few weeks later, and they've stayed good to that promise. The iPad version support is available from the developer channel for those registered as iOS devs. Apple has a new selling point for i-O-S: Android?s fragmentation. Some 93 percent of iOS users run iOS 6, says Apple while Android users are scattered across many different operating systems. For developers, the message is clear: Build your apps for iOS, or develop for Android, and be required to address at least three different APIs to reach the majority of its users.

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