Tech Companies News Byte: State of the Art: Chromecast, Simply and Cheaply, Flings Web Video to TVs

Google?s new Chromecast gizmo is the smallest, cheapest, simplest way yet to add Internet to your TV. It looks like a portly flash drive and it costs $35. Chromecast lets you watch videos from YouTube, Netflix and Google Play on your big screen while using your phone or tablet (Apple or Android) as a remote control. Samsung is giving consumers one more reason to pick up a point-and-shoot instead of always using their smartphone's camera. U.S. users of Samsung's Wi-Fi-enabled WB250F Smart Camera will be able to add Evernote photo syncing to the camera's list of wireless capabilities. Starbucks customers will soon have much faster Wi-Fi speeds, thanks to the company's new partnership with Google. Starbucks said that Google, in conjunction with Level 3 Communications, will now be providing Wi-Fi service in Starbucks' U.S. locations that's up to 10-times faster than the current service powered by AT&T.
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