Tech Companies News Byte: Why Apple's Budget IPhone is Risky Business

Wochit 1:30 mins

Apple's plan to release a budget iPhone is clearly fraught with peril for the company: It needs to make sure that it gets an affordable device out to consumers in emerging markets without sacrificing too much of the profit margins that have made it one of the most profitable companies in world history. Barron's points us to a new research note from?UBS analyst Steve Milunovich, who outlines in detail why making a cheaper iPhone is really a risk for Apple's traditional business model. In particular,?Milunovich thinks that by going "down market," Apple will be well outside its comfort zone as a premium brand. Windows 8 users who've struggled with trackpad issues may find some relief in the finished version of Windows 8.1. Current trackpad drivers designed for Windows 8 can't necessarily take advantage of all the features and gestures available in the operating system. To rectify that problem, Microsoft, Intel, Synaptics, and Elan are teaming up to directly enable pointer, multi-touch, and gesture support in Windows 8.1, Microsoft's Xbox One console will hit Japanese store shelves in 2014. Speaking in an interview with gaming site 4 Gamer, Microsoft Japan President Yasuyuki Higuchi said that the Japanese market is considered "tier 2" by Microsoft, and thus, will not receive the Xbox One until next year.

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