Thorsten Heins Latest News: BlackBerry CEO Urges Shareholders to Keep the Faith

BlackBerry is on the mend and the company?s lousy first-quarter earnings should not be viewed as evidence that its long-term prospects are withering. That was the theme of CEO Thorsten Heins?s remarks at BlackBerry?s annual meeting today, as he sought to reassure long-suffering shareholders shaken by the company?s latest financials. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins earned his paycheck while taking several tough questions from investors at his company's annual shareholder meeting. One particularly pointed question came from a retail investor who called the United States launch of the flagship BlackBerry Z10 smartphone "a disaster" that undermined BlackBerry's claims that it was on the comeback trail. CEO Thorsten Heins said BlackBerry is on the right path for a turnaround despite the disappointing debut of its make-or-break line of smartphones. The company remains open to any options that would create value for its investors. Heins said, "BlackBerry will pursue every opportunity to create value for shareholders."
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