Top Tech Stories of the Day: How Do You Break Into IPhone App Store Top 50? Try 23K Free Daily Downloads

Mobile app analytics firm Distimo says that an iPhone app needs 23,000 free downloads per day to reach the top-50 in the top Free charts in the Apple App Store. In a ruling, Judge Grewal wrote that Apple's argument for including the Galaxy S4 in its lawsuit against Samsung was not persuasive enough, and provides Samsung with "undue prejudice" as it looks to defend itself against Apple's jabs. When Apple was engaged in long, protracted negotiations with record companies over terms for its iTunes Radio service, many assumed that the company was trying to get copyright owners to take less money per song play than competing Internet radio service Pandora. Reports now say that this is not the case, because Apple is paying out $0.13 per song play, or 1 cent more than what Pandora pays out.
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