Top Tech Stories of the Day: Consider Other Search Engines for Your Browser

Switching search engines may be more of a mental challenge than anything else. These days Google's popularity and reputation has made it the de facto standard for Web searches, and is enabled on many Web browsers by default. Even in speech, it's common to suggest "googling" some information, where terms like "yahooing" or "binging" are somewhat more obscure. While Google's search results have been reliable, there are other options, some of which are fully supported in common browsers. It's been a quiet first half of the year for Apple as far as new products go, but things are going to pick up very quickly come September. Blog 9to5Mac reports that the company is trying to bolster its retail operations throughout the summer because it plans to launch ?an army of new products this fall? Motorola?generated some much-needed buzz when it?revealed that its upcoming?Moto X will be the first smartphone that can be customized to a user's specific liking.
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