Top Tech Stories of the Day: Fresh Leak Outs Motorola Droid Ultra for August 8

The rumored Motorola Droid Ultra will join Verizon's lineup on August 8, if a leaked commercial storyboard is to be believed. According to an ad treatment obtained by Android Central, the upcoming smartphone will be rugged enough to withstand drops and being kicked across a club dance floor. With Kevlar coating and a Gorilla Glass display, the Droid Ultra picks up where the previous generation leaves off. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn says he will ask a Delaware judge to assess whether a proposed $24.4 billion acquisition of Dell represents a fair price for the struggling personal computer maker. It is Icahn's latest attempt to wrangle a higher offer from buyout group that includes company CEO Michael Dell. In an open letter outlining the maneuver Icahn urged the rest of Dell's shareholders to exercise their right for a court appraisal to determine whether the Round Rock, Texas, company is worth more than the $13.65 per share that Michael Dell's group has agreed to pay. If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a twin brother, it would be his COO Kevin Turner. Like Ballmer, he stalks the stage like a hungry bear and verbally shakes the audience by the lapels into joining the war effort to beat the competition. Speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston before 15,000 attendees, Turner said: "We have high respect but no fear of competitors. ... We are doubling down and making sure we are fighting and evangelizing our story."
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