Top Tech Stories of the Day: What Games Are: The Ludophile Mindset

Wochit 1:02 mins

Like the audiophile who spends serious money on her music, the ludophile spends aplenty on games and consoles. Both want perfection. The question for the games industry, however, is whether perfection is really the goal any more. With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo just releasing new gaming consoles at the E3 Conference, to chase that market is very expensive, and although gamers may not like to hear it, good-enough seems like a better goal industry-wise in the long run. A gas leak at Intel Corp's second-biggest manufacturing plant, located in Chandler, Arizona, sickened up to 43 people, including 11 who were taken to a local hospital, company and local fire officials said on Saturday. Facebook is pulling ads from pages that contain violence or sexual content. The social network said that it will expand its definition of pages and groups that are too controversial to carry advertisements.

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