Top Tech Stories of the Day: Microsoft Mulling Surface RT Price Cut

Wochit 1:06 mins

In an effort to spur demand for the Surface RT, which hasn't exactly met with much, Microsoft plans to slash the tablet's price. The Verge reports the company will chop $150 from the prices of Surface RT portfolio next week, dropping the entry level 32GB model to $349.99 and the 64GB model to $449.99. This is the latest in series of giveaways and educational discounts intended to pare down some of the Surface RT inventory on which Microsoft is sitting. At least three shareholders who collectively hold nearly 3 percent of Dell Inc shares plan to vote against Michael Dell's $24.4 billion buyout offer, raising questions about proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services' sway with the PC maker's shareholders. In an email to Reuters, an ISS spokesperson defended supporting the deal. "ISS' role is to analyze the deal and make a recommendation that we see as being in the best interest of shareholders. That's what we've done," the email said. "At the end of the day however, as with any proxy vote, shareholders will make their own decisions based on their own circumstances," she said. Microsoft unveiled a broad reorganization aiming to break down internal fiefs that have slowed product development. But what's not clear: who is CEO, Steve Ballmer's No. 2?

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