Top Tech Stories of the Day: Samsung is Trying Everything Else, Why not a Flip Phone?

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Samsung is making an Android Galaxy phone with a retro clamshell look, the throwback design that breaks so easily but apparently just won't die. Ford Motor Co will offer free software updates on its hybrid models to boost their real-world fuel economy and better align with the gas mileage advertised on the window sticker, a company executive said on Tuesday. Among the improvements, Ford plans to increase the maximum all-electric speed on those vehicles from 62 miles per hour to 85 mph. This will boost fuel efficiency by allowing the car to rely on the lithium-ion battery for a longer period of time. The move affects the Ford C-Max and Fusion as well as the Lincoln MKZ hybrids. Yahoo's second-quarter results show Yahoo Inc.'s earnings climbed 46 percent, thanks to a major boost from an investment in Chinese Internet company Alibaba. But Yahoo's revenue fell 7 percent from last year, highlighting a recurring problem despite progress in the past year under CEO Marissa Mayer.

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