Before vacation, President will take questions from media

Wochit 1:06 mins

President Obama will take questions from the news media, a day before beginning a weeklong vacation in Martha?s Vineyard that will be his last extended break from Washington before what is expected to be a contentious fall clash with Congress. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in Texas that the Obama administration was flexible about how coverage might be expanded in that state, but said "as far as I know, those conversations, at least with the state officials, are not taking place right now." Meanwhile, several state officials, including Gov. Rick Perry, blasted the federal health care law. You'll never see Matt Damon's name on an election ballot because the actor has NO desire to run for political office. Damon is a super political guy whose been heavily involved with the Democratic party for a while, But despite his strong political opinions, he told TMZ politics just isn't for him.

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