Video News Pop: Companies Prepare for Digital Future Ahead of Berlin's IFA

Wochit 1:08 mins

With tablet and smartphone video content sales expected to hit $9.5 billion in four years, all things digital will be the focus at the world's largest consumer electronics fare in Germany this September. In the new trailer for The Lifeguard, Kristen Bell is voluntarily living every 30-year-old's worst nightmare: moving back in with their parents. Bell plays Leigh, a reporter that leaves her life in New York City to go back home to her high school job as a lifeguard and begins a relationship with a minor. The indie will be released to VOD on July 30, and in limited release on Aug. 30. You signed her up for ballet. Every week it was soccer practice and flute lessons and community service down at the food bank. And let's not forget about the SAT prep classes clear across town every Tuesday and Thursday. But it's all been for naught, because there's no way your daughter's resume is going to be like Ebona Oshunrinde's; Jay-Z's 16-year-old producer.

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