Video News Pop: Fly Or Die: Form 1 3D Printer

Wochit 1:14 mins

Early leader in the 3D printing space Makerbot may have just been acquired for $400 million, but we still can't forget about the Form 1 3D printer out of FormLabs. It started as a Kickstarter project, which received 6x its $100,000 goal in just one day, topping $1.4 million in one week. Since then insiders had the chance to review it and pit it against the Makerbot. At the 500 Startups PreMoney Conference last week, Y Combinator's Paul Graham gave a presentation in which he suggested a new way for Series A investments to get done. Graham provided a few suggestions for innovative early stage investors to differentiate themselves. It basically comes down to: move fast, and provide more favorable terms to startups looking to raise money. Lady Gaga has officially arisen out of the ashes from her post hip surgery blackout and she did it for her friends and supporters in the LGBT Community. Her Highness was the surprise guest at a Gay Pride Rally in New York City last night. And by surprise, I mean that everyone on Twitter knew about it.

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