War & Conflict Breaking News: Millions of Anti-Mursi Protesters, Muslim Brotherhood Building Set on Fire

Wochit 0:57 mins

Another giant wave of protests has once again hit Egypt as millions of Egyptians poured into Cairo's streets to oust President Mohammed Mursi. The anti- Mursi Protesters set the building of Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood on fire, surrounding it and firing shotguns and throwing rocks and petrol bombs. Sweat soaking their wool uniforms, the Union and Confederate soldiers met near the stone wall in Pennsylvania to exchange handshakes, pleasantries and even a few jokes. However, on this warm, sticky Sunday afternoon, both the North and the South went home happy after the Battle of Gettysburg. Secretary of State John Kerry continued to try to revive Middle East talks, meeting with the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas the morning after a late-night session with Israeli officials.

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