WASHINGTON Breaking News: Obama Honors George H.W. Bush for Promoting Volunteerism

Wochit 1:12 mins

President Barack Obama on Monday saluted former President George H.W. Bush for more than two decades of efforts to push volunteerism and national service, as the Bush family patriarch sat smiling in a wheelchair at a ceremony in the White House. From New York to California, outrage over the acquittal in George Zimmerman's murder trial poured from street demonstrations and church pulpits as protesters called for justice for the unarmed youth he killed and demanded federal civil rights charges against him. Protests were scheduled in Boston, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco and other cities over the Florida case, which unleashed a national debate over racial profiling, self-defense and equal justice. One protest in California hours after the verdict late Saturday ended with vandalism while police dispersed another crowd by firing beanbag rounds. The U.S. Senate's top Democrat Harry Reid and top Republican Mitch McConnell yielded no ground as they neared a showdown over President Barack Obama's executive-branch nominees that could dramatically change how the Senate operates.

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