WASHINGTON Breaking News: Proposed U.S. House Bill Keeps Egypt Military Aid at $1.3 Billion

Wochit 1:03 mins

Leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives panel in charge of aid to Egypt proposed that military aid be kept at $1.3 billion next year, subject to conditions including the government planning and holding elections. U.S. law bars aid to countries where there has been a military coup. Lawmakers say that determination is up to the Obama administration, not Congress. President Barack Obama says his health care law is working and cutting costs for consumers, despite what the law's Republican critics say. Obama emphasized half a billion dollars in rebates going to nearly 9 million people under a provision of the law he says is holding insurance companies accountable. Ben Bernanke said the Federal Reserve's efforts to boost the U.S. economy remain tied to the job market's health and inflation, delivering what could be his final semiannual economic report to Congress.

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