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  • #Gamergate: Sex, lies and video games

    #Gamergate has been stewing on Twitter and on message boards over the past few months. The hashtag started as way to unveil ethical problems among those who cover the gaming world. Instead it has devolved into an alleged campaign to intimidate critics of the male-dominated gaming industry. At one…

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  • Why do Cardmembers Love Discover?

    Because it's all about you. "Amazing customer service! One call, live person and done!" - Discover Cardmember Mark12. Learn more and apply today!

  • How to lose $5 billion in two months

    How the billionaire Hunt brothers managed to lose $5 billion in two months trying to corner the silver market.

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  • What your dog's costume says about the economy: The week ahead

    Strong earnings reports outweighed fears of Ebola in the U.S. as markets end another bumpy week on a high note. Skittish investors have been riding uncertainty for weeks. Next week is shaping up to give more of the same.

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  • Stress tests: "The credibility of the ECB is on the line," Brusuelas says

    Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at McGladrey, says the stress tests results are a "side show" to the real story in Europe: Will the ECB act decisively and overwhelmingly to address the risk of deflation?

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  • New home sales: better luck next year

    New data out this morning showed new home sales rose to 467,000 on a seasonally-adjusted basis in September. The 0.2% growth may seem like a small number, but it’s the fastest pace of increase since July 2008. We talked to McGladrey's chief economist Joe Brusuelas about why he's not impressed with…

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  • Ebola's in New York; is the economy at risk?

    With a new case of Ebola confirmed in New York, we asked the Chief Economist at McGladrey if the spread could impact the U.S. economy. He said no - but watch for temporary shakeups in equities and fixed income.

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  • domain name sold for $200K

    The co-owner of Blue String Ventures, a Las Vegas based company tells Yahoo Finance his company sold the domain name for $200,000 to a marijuana company called Weed Growth Fund.

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  • Keep your savings protected.

    If you don’t have additional liability insurance, your savings and personal property could be at risk.

  • Amazon is running out of excuses for losses Inc. reports quarter three earnings today and analysts are expecting a loss of $0.75 per share according to FactSet. That’s a significant jump from their loss of $0.09 per share for the same period last year. Amazon follows a “profitless prosperity” model so losses aren’t unexpected, and…

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  • Why no one cares about the World Series anymore

    This year’s World Series has great characters and storylines. So why are so few Americans captivated by the drama?

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  • Is Congress setting the stage for another mortgage crisis?

    Former Car Czar Steve Rattner talks with Yahoo Finance's Aaron Task on the Federal Housing Finance Agency's new lending standards and whether they put the U.S. on track for another crisis?

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  • Why Donald Trump hates Vicky Ward’s new book

    New York Times best-selling author and former Vanity Fair contributing editor Vicky Ward documents the key players and behind-the-scenes deals throughout the history of one of the world’s most expensive office buildings.

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  • Golden Years look dark as lower inflation eats into Social Security

    Most Americans are probably rejoicing that the cost of living barely rose in September. According to the Labor Department, the Consumer Price Index climbed 1.7 percent- an increase of a tenth of a percent from the month before.

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  • Cheap luxuries, pricey necessities: Why Americans are really going broke

    The so-called Latte Factor. It’s a pop culture metaphor for how much money consumers waste on small, frivolous goods. It was first coined by personal finance author David Bach. But then Oprah got a hold of it, and it became a guiding principle for people on cutting back small to save big. …

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  • Norwich Information Security MS

    Online, accredited, top ranked. NSA Center of Academic Excellence. Recognized by the Department of Homeland Security. Download your free brochure!

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  • America's housing policy: The definition of insanity

    We're going back to relying on banks to verify borrowers' ability to repay loans with little or no money down while Fannie and Freddie are lowering limits on the loans they'll guarantee. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Phone hacking cost small businesses $4.73 billion last year

    According to The New York Times, Bob Foreman’s company ran up a $166,000 phone bill in a single weekend last March. But no one was in the office at the time. Foreman says it would have taken 34 years to run up those charges based on the company’s average bill.

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  • 4 key things GDP doesn’t measure: NPR's Adam Davidson

    Star filmmakers Morgan Spurlock, Adam McKay and more, team to create 22 films on the economy.

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  • Apple IS just an iPhone company (and that's OK!)

    Apple sales surged in its fourth-quarter, exceeding most Wall Street expectations. The company reported a nearly 13 percent boost in profits, thanks to strong sales of iPhones and Macs, and the company’s guidance for the holiday sales is very bullish.

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  • Amazon settles book deal with Simon & Schuster; civilization survives

    Amazon struck a new book selling agreement with Simon & Schuster on Monday, demonstrating just how little sway it holds over the publishing industry.

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  • The crazy Ebola economy: Survival kits, plush toys and more

    Ebola is on U.S. soil and although the CDC, NIH and President Obama have all assured the American public that it’s well contained, there’s a panic spreading across the land… call it Germaphobia.

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  • Looking to Save Money on Home & Auto Insurance?

    Speaking with an insurance agent can help identify your eligibility for insurance discounts. Get a home & auto insurance quote today.

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  • Too soon to say if Apple Pay is safe: Tech security expert

    Apple Pay joins a host of payment-technology providers looking to get into the mobile payment business. Emarketer estimates the market will be worth $118 billion by 2018, from $3.5 billion this year.

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