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  • Uber partnership to help drivers pinpoint location

    Forget the Uber app. By teaming up with Yext, a cloud-based company that businesses use to manage their location information across their websites and search engines, Uber lets riders to book directly through a site and get dropped off at precisely the right entrance of a destin...

    Melody Hahm
  • Why the golf business still has appeal to big names like Bill Murray

    If it seems like the actor Bill Murray is everywhere lately—from his bizarro Christmas special on Netflix to crashing a bachelor party in Charleston to mixing drinks at his son’s new bar in Brooklyn—now he really is: the “Caddyshack” star launched a golf apparel line on Wednesday. The company,…

    Daniel Roberts
  • Regular folks can be disruptors, too

    Can you shake up your business like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk if you’re an ordinary schmo living 10 states away from Silicon Valley?

    Rick Newman
  • Why Clinton's pitch on the economy is so weak

    Trump’s plan doesn’t entirely add up, and even economists in his own Republican Party complain that debt would soar and he could cause a recession. Voters know what he stands for, what he plans to do and what his vision is (something about making America great again). What is Hillary Clinton’s…

    Rick Newman
  • How Ford plans to take on Uber and Lyft

    Ford Motor Co. has been saying it plans to be a “mobility” company, not just a car manufacturer. Ford (F) just announced it has purchased a company called Chariot, a San Francisco firm that’s sort of like an Uber of shuttle services. Ford is also rolling out a new bike-share service in San…

    Rick Newman
  • This 27-year-old quit her job with no backup plan— and says you should too

    Note: This post first appeared on Lauren Kay’s Medium Page

    Yahoo Finance
  • An entrepreneur from Mexico tells Trump: 'Drop from the race'

    Donald Trump has some issues with Mexico, as anybody paying attention to his quixotic campaign surely knows. Trump famously referred to Mexicans as “rapists” when announcing his presidential bid last year. On his recent surprise trip to Mexico, he reiterated those priorities–in more modest…

    Rick Newman
  • This real Boeing 747 jumbo jet is for sale on eBay

    If you’re feeling impulsive but aren’t baller enough to bid $3.46 million for a meal with Warren Buffett, you can still find plenty of affordable deals on eBay (EBAY). One of those includes an online auction for a Boeing 747 airframe that ends this Friday at 6 p.m. The retired Boeing (BA) 747-400…

    Melody Hahm
  • Top apparel CEO explains why malls are ‘definitely not’ dead

    With store closures picking up—at Macy’s (M) and beyond—there are consistent calls for the end of the shopping mall. PVH, the $9 billion company behind Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger along with Van Heusen, IZOD, and Speedo, gets 60% of its sales from wholesale, including department stores like…

    Nicole Sinclair
  • Clinton and Trump should beware the 'infrastructure genie'

    Roads! Bridges! They’re coming to save the US economy. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both want to spend 12-figure sums to rebuild infrastructure, create thousands of jobs and stimulate economic growth. Clinton, the Democrat, wants to spend close to $300 billion on new construction, which would…

    Rick Newman
  • 34-year-old Facebook employee sees better investing opportunities than stocks

    Christy Liu found herself in an enviable predicament in October 2012 when her travel discovery startup Wanderfly got acquired by TripAdvisor (TRIP). About a year ago, she decided to invest $50,000 of her assets into the company.

    Melody Hahm
  • 2 things are missing from Hillary Clinton’s plan to create jobs

    Hillary Clinton describes herself as a wonk who sweats the details, and her economic plan proves the point: Yahoo Finance has tallied nearly 90 new programs or policies Clinton wants to enact on the economy alone. On the stump this week, Clinton is touting her familiar short list for stoking…

    Rick Newman
  • Walmart's new Olympics ad highlights American job creator

    If you were one of them (and didn’t fast-forward through the commercials), you probably saw an ad for Walmart that blasted Aerosmith’s “Dream On” over video of American factory workers. Walmart made the pledge in 2013, and while the company won’t reveal an exact figure, says it is on track to meet…

    Kevin Chupka
  • 3 ways the next president can jolt the economy

    Forget tariffs on imports (Trump) or new fees on banks (Clinton). If you really want a stronger economy, let more people in, make big companies more competitive and build more roads and bridges.

    Rick Newman
  • Here’s what rich people get when they donate millions to politicians

    If you believe Bernie Sanders, the rich run the political system and the rest have no say at all. A lot of Americans agree, especially since the notorious Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010 allowed the wealthy to donate as much as they want to political causes. “It’s about the…

    Rick Newman
  • Why Portland's wizard of weed doesn't like 'marijuana'

    Jeremy Plumb has been called the “Wizard of Weed” and was voted best “budtender” in Portland, Oregon, last year. It’s no wonder: Plumb is a virtual encyclopedia of information about marijuana’s therapeutic effects, history and chemical complexity. “Cannabis” is the word preferred by Plumb, who is…

    Antony Michels