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5 Key Factors That Helped Tito Tahan Go From Being in Debt to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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According to Tito Tahan, who is a multi-platinum record producer, sync licensing expert and successful entrepreneur; one day, you wake up and see your account crossing the million dollar mark, and that’s when you realize you made it, not because of the money but because now you know you can truly set your family up for longevity. He says, that's also the moment you realize what you did wrong and what you did right, to get you there. Tito’s early life was poverty stricken in Cleveland, OH, while growing on government assistance and even becoming homeless to being shot five times and dropping out of high school, fortunately for Tito that environment fueled his hunger to create a prosperous life for himself and his family.

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Tito was determined to overcome adversity and is finally able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and wants to help inspire individuals, that come from the same humble beginnings, to create their own version of success. He mentions, success means something different for everyone and there is no right or wrong answer, as long as the end result is true to your core values. When asked how he became successful, Tito answered that he is extremely persistent and there are 5 key factors that he continues to utilize to help him stay at the top of his game throughout his journey and it all starts with having self-accountability.

Why is Your Self-accountability important:

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Tito says that it all starts from self-accountability. He elebriated by saying, having personal accountability means you’re fully responsible for your thoughts, words and actions, meaning your decisions and results from those decisions. An accountable person is not only minfull but actionable, he or she can notice what needs changed or adjusted and takes action, without relying on others to bring it to their attention. Beyond setting your goals, having self-accountability means self-awareness plays a huge role in enabling you to check yourself for mistakes, egotistical and or emotional decision-making. Tito invites you to be mindful about your decisions and hold yourself accountable not only for your actions, but also for the results that are in alignment with your life. It’s your life and you have to own every single part of it!

How Creating Standards, can help your goals:

Standards set the bar for seeing a clear vision of becoming your future self, according to Tito. He believes that setting standards for himself is one of the key factors that pushed him to remain focused daily even on the days when he didn’t feel like he was operating at his best. Standards can be viewed as a result of self-accountability, because essentially they go hand and hand and one results in the other. Tito says that it is important that you set high standards for yourself in your personal and professional ventures, to provide the criteria needed to accomplish your goals in a timely manner. When asked what to consider before setting standards, he mentions; it's all about your goals, core values, persistence, willingness, roadmap or timeline and the main thing to keep in mind is to maintain your standards and never negotiate with your lower-self.

What Nurturing Relationships can do for you:

Tito believes that when you work with high level individuals, you are inspired to become a better version of yourself, similar to how steel sharpens steel. He says; “working with many prominent individuals in not only entertainment but in business sectors, one thing became clear to me, there will always be someone smarter, richer, stronger, more talented and more eager to win than me”. Tito feels that your self-accountability and standards in life can be determined by the way you associate yourself with your network of peers. Nurturing the relationships that add value to your life will by default purge the relationships that take value from your life. Tito says “The relationship you have with yourself, sets the bar for every other relationship in your life”. So make sure you nurture those relationships, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

Why Learning is a Continual Process:

When you lisiten, you learn, and when you learn, you gain skills, and when you gain skills, you take action, and when you take action, you achieve goals. Tito is a true believer in learning, adjusting and taking action. According to Tito, humans have been learning since birth, we learn how to walk, how to talk and we especially learn how to think. He says that when you learn daily, you stay clear minded, focused and informed about things happening around you and also things that happen inside of you. He says the more you learn about yourself, the better chances you have to achieve your goals. Learning also pushes you to process new information, which provides the data needed for clear or intuitive decision-making. Tito says, the moment you give up on learning, is the moment you give up on life. Now he wants to ask you, do you want to be the person who gave up on life?


By remaining Focused, you are never Distracted:

Tito says having a degree of laser focusness almost like an obsession on one thing will provide more accomplishments than focusing on multiple things at once. When we think about one thing constantly, we create it in our mind, which in turn allows our actions and decisions to create it in our life. When you are clear about what you want, that specific energy goes out into the universe and it creates a connective frequency between you and that energy. He says in this age, society is bombarded by useless and envious information which results in a clouded focus and an interrupted peace of mind, rather a laser focus perspective will provide a greater intended result. Now you might be wondering how do you know what your ultimate goal to focus on is and Tito says, ask yourself this question, what is the one thing that I will never regret even if I can't accomplish it during my lifetime? If you can answer that question, you now have the information needed to utilize Tito’s list of key factors and take your achievements to the next level.