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  • The do's and dont's of filling out your W-4

    In that whirlwind of your first few days of a new job, you’ll meet many new faces, learn plenty of new rules and processes, and fill out quite a bit of paperwork as well. One of the most important forms you’ll be given to complete is the IRS’s W-4.

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  • The most sought-after job in America pays $110,000 a year — if you have this skill
    MarketWatch16 hours ago

    The most sought-after job in America pays $110,000 a year — if you have this skill

    As companies try to understand consumer behavior, data scientists are in high demand. Boasting a median base salary of $110,000 and a job-satisfaction score of 4.4 out of 5, data scientist was ranked No. 1 on the “Best Jobs in America” list in 2016 and 2017 based on the number of job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction. It was followed by devops engineers ($110,000 a year) — which combines development, testing and operations — data engineers ($106,000 a year), tax managers ($110,000 a year) and analytics managers ($112,000 a year). And the No. 1 skill most in demand for data scientists? The programming language Python (sought after in 72% of Glassdoor job postings), followed by R (64%),

  • What retirees should do in wake of Equifax data breach
    MarketWatch10 hours ago

    What retirees should do in wake of Equifax data breach

    Millions of people, roughly 143 million Americans, were affected by the Equifax EFX, +6.91%  data breach. And some of those millions were retirees. The internet is filled with advice today about what consumers should do now. But are there things that retirees should do or consider to protect their identity that are different from those not yet retired? “Yes, retirees need to take extra steps to protect their life savings,” said Elizabeth Loewy, general counsel and senior vice president of industry relations at EverSafe, an identity theft protection service. Comprehensive freeze your credit Others agree. “(The Equifax breach) is an indication that you are only as safe as the places that hold your

  • This is (probably) how low Apple’s stock will go
    MarketWatch13 hours ago

    This is (probably) how low Apple’s stock will go

    The Arora Report published a “sell” signal on Apple’s stock before the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch. At the time, Apple AAPL, -0.98%  was trading around $164. Please see “Investors who recently bought Apple’s stock should consider locking in profits.” Now that that call has proven to be correct, I am being asked by investors: “How low will Apple go?” Let’s explore that question with the help of two charts. Please click here for a short-term chart of Apple stock. Please click here for a long-term chart of Apple stock. Read: Apple’s ‘short-term pain’ sets stock up for long-term gain Please note the following from the charts: • The short-term chart shows the gap that occurred after Apple reported