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Costco Scores as a ‘Pure Play’ Brand: Analysis

Christina Medici Scolaro
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Costco Scores as a ‘Pure Play’ Brand: Analysis

Wholesale retailer topped a recent list of the most promising “pure play” brands, according to analysis that tried to gauge whether consumers would consider buying brands and if they consider them to have a positive future.

The merchant topped an analysis of 4,000 brands that sampled 20,000 respondents, according to software firm Vision Critical.

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In identifying the strongest “pure play” brands, the company examines firms that are less diversified in terms of what they do as a business. Vision Critical examined brands’ products, prices, communication, distribution and service.

Ryan Barker, senior vice president of marketing and decision analytics at Vision Critical, told “Big Data Download” that Costco (COST) has developed an emotional relationship with customers. The merchant has a loyalty program with 25 million members worldwide.

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Coming in as the second most promising pure play company was Cisco Systems (CSCO). Shares of Cisco soared after reporting earnings earlier this week. The company cited growth in its newer businesses, which offset weakness in networking equipment.

Watchmaker Movado Group (MOV) placed third.

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