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David’s Bridal Weds Big Data to Big Weddings

Christina Scolaro
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David’s Bridal Weds Big Data to Big Weddings

Big data and big weddings may seem like an unlikely match, but retailer David’s Bridal has married the two with an online application called “My Event.” The bridal shop hopes that by creating “My Event,” they’ll get to know their customers better, which in turn will turn into bigger business.

"My Event" has a moodboard, similar to a Pinterest board, allowing users to add and drop from anywhere on the Web, even from competitors. Brides are able to privately discuss wedding details with their parties, assign tasks, and create shopping lists to be assigned and tracked.

David’s Bridal said they developed the application with social integration to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter because almost 81 million U.S. women use social networking, and two-thirds of brides claim social media was or will be part of their wedding plans.

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Among the features the brides liked the most are surprisingly not what she spent the most time on.

Forty-two percent of brides liked the “budget planner,” for example, although only 7 percent of them actually spent time on it

The David’s Bridal website overall has seen huge increases in Web traffic since the application launched, the company says. My Event visitors spend almost three times more on the website than those not engaged in My Event. They spend almost six times more money, on average, than users not engaged in the application.